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Feb 4, 2013 5:30pm PST
began. >> i have the right of education. i have the right to play. i have the right to sing. i have the right to talk. i have the right to speak up. >> reporter: her actions made her a target. last october, on her way home from school, she was brutally attacked. gunmen entered her van and shot her at point blank range in the head. she was medevaced to england in critical condition, but she refused to die. the bullet had glanced off her skull, traveled down her cheek and into her shoulder. incredibly, it didn't enter her brain. as her story spread, so did her following. i spoke with her father, a schoolteacher himself. malala has become a hero. she has now triggered a huge movement around the world. she gets letters from children. >> malala is incredible. >> reporter: they have made videos for her. had you ever imagined it would be this kind of reaction to what happened to her? >> i think malala is an inspiration for the children all over the world. when she fell, pakistan stood and the whole world supported her. >> reporter: today, malala was sitting up in bed after five hours of su
Feb 5, 2013 1:40am PST
, every child to be educated. for that reason we have organized a fund. >> reporter: what are you trying to accomplish by the fund? >> our aim and our dream is to educate children. and especially girls. because we know when you educate a girl, you educate the whole family. you educate a generation. you educate all other coming children. >> reporter: the challenge is enormous. today there are 32 million girls around the world who are not in school. bob woodruff, abc news, new york. >> a really humbling inspiring story. she, her grace and intellect and passion and sense of purpose. >> such a young age. >> really that young. left side of her face is paralyzed. hoping it comes back to full function within 18 months or so. mentally, spiritually, the recovery is full. you can tell listening to her. it is remarkable. said it before on the show. the taliban tried to kill her only succeeded in making her immo immortal. >> she wanted to protect people that she wanted to protect. people in pakistan wanted to name a school after her. don't do it. you will become a target for the taliban. >> they did
Feb 4, 2013 11:00am EST
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Feb 4, 2013 5:30pm PST
an education. on saturday, she walked to the operating room. for five more hours of surgery. doctors implanted a titanium plate and a sophisticated hearing aid, repairing where the bullet smashed her skull and left her deaf in one ear. 24 hours later, malala was talking again. >> i can also walk a little bit. i can talk. and i'm feeling better. and it doesn't seem that i had a very big operation. >> reporter: other patients might have complained. malala stayed focused. >> the thing is that my mission is the same, to help people. and i would do that. >> reporter: the medical team has grown close to malala. >> i'm inspired from the doctors and nurses. they are like my mother and father. >> reporter: malala will stay here in britain for at least another year. they're finding a place for a local school for a young woman whose passion is education for all. >> this is the second life, this is the new life. and i want to serve the people. >> reporter: she is recovering, and more determined than ever. keir simmons, nbc news, birmingham, england. >>> and when we come back, one of the world's great endu
Feb 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
happens and your mom is old and dies and you take on that and no other education, it's kind of hard to get that person to step outside of the life and so for me that's the interesting component. now, is me being able to step in to the people's lives and can i rationalize what they do? it's hard because i have this greater knowledge but for them they live in a very insular environment and that insular environment is one that dictates to make a living and put food in their mouth and just what they're doing and kind of the problem that we have here. there's a demand in the united states for the drugs and there's a demand over there for them to survive and so that's the big picture. >> well, you know, we mentioned drugs and weapons. but what about exotic animals? how big is that industry and how can toure get a dragon? >> i can't help him facilitate anything illegal. >> come on. >> talk to him after the show. >> yeah right. okay. i mean, the thing is, i didn't realize how big the illegal animal trade is but the crime syndicates just as big if not bigger than the biggest drug syndicates in the
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am EST
educations. >>> a recovery from super bowl fever. scientists say fans may suffer from an imbalance of dopamine in the brain now that the season is over. some fans may need to watch reruns of the big game to ease themselves back into normal life. >>> if you missed any of the action last night from the super bowl, we have the lights from espn. >>> welcome to your "sportscenter" update, i'm jorge andres. the har-bowl. jim harbaugh and the 49ers taking on john harbaugh and the baltimore ravens. the second quarter. ravens up 14-3, joe flacco, looking to go deep. finds jacoby jones. he had one catch in the entire game. but guess what, a 56-yard touchdown. ravens up, 21-6 at the half. opening kickoff, the second half, san francisco kicking off to baltimore. jacoby jones, well, he'll contribute on special teams. 108 yards. all the way for the touchdown. the super bowl record for the longest kick return. ravens up 28-6, all over the niners. and then -- things just got weird. a power surge in the stadium. clark griswald turning the power off. 41 minutes until the lights were back on. kaepern
Jan 31, 2013 7:00pm EST
into television i was in education in the new orleans public school system and i went back and found a cool school that means a lot to me. this is noca, the new orleans center for creative arts. i think it's the coolest school in town. it's the coolest school in the state of louisiana, but i may be a little biased. when noca opened in 1973, i was its first administrator, its first principal. back then we shared rooms on the uno campus. today noca is five buildings on 5 acres and growing. noca president and ceo kyle wheatburg. >> we have 620 students. they come from 16 parishes across the state of louisiana. last year we had 126 seniors, 98% which of go on to colle conservatory university and between those 126 they garnered $14.5 million in scholarship offers. >> reporter: noca began with a core faculty of six and 100 students who spent half their day on the university campus. today academics and the arts are under one roof. noca is about much more than just the performing arts. >> we've had jazz. we've had drama. we've had students that go on to have incredible careers and then we have people tha
Feb 4, 2013 10:00pm PST
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Feb 4, 2013 4:00am PST
of by the taliban for saying girls should be allowed an education. surgeons in birmingham reconstructed her skull. >>> a recovery from super bowl fever. scientists say football fans who spent weeks of gearing up for big game may suffer from an imbalance of dopamine in the brain now that the season is over. some fans may need to watch reruns of the big game to ease themselves back into normal life. >> there's a syndrome for everything these days. wow, all right. >>> if you missed any of the action last night from the super bowl, we have all the highlights now from espn. >>> welcome to your "sportscenter" update, i'm jorge andres. the harbowl. super bowl xlvii. jim harbaugh and the 49ers taking on john harbaugh and the baltimore ravens. we pick it up in the second quarter. ravens up 14-3, joe flacco, looking to go deep. finds jacoby jones. he had one catch in the entire game. but guess what, a 56-yard touchdown. ravens up, 21-6 at the half. opening kickoff, the second half, san francisco kicking off to baltimore. jacoby jones, well, he'll contribute on special teams. 108 yards. all the way for the
Feb 1, 2013 5:30am EST
jersey, and pennsylvania support the idea than oppose it. the board of education in new it is town, connecticut, is requesting funding for armed police officers in four elementary schools for the next school year. in chicago, meanwhile, mayor rahm emanuel is moving 200 officers from desk duty to the streets amid the city's most violent months in decades. 42 people have been murdered this year including 15-year-old who was shot dead this week while hanging out with friends in a park. >> when any young person in our city is gunned down without reason, their death makes an impression on all of us. and it demands action from all of us. the loss of any child in any community in this city is a loss to the entire city. >> she had performed at some of president obama's inauguration events in washington last week. a few years ago she took part in a public service video urging teens to avoid gang violence. >> hi, this commercial is informational for you and your future children. so many children are fearing gangs and it's your job as students to say no to gangs and say yes to a future. joini
Feb 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
. she fought for the education of women, something the militant group tried to end. she vows she will return to pakistan. >> my mission is the same, to help people. and i will do that. >> taliban insurgents threatened to target her again. she is getting medical treatment in britain. she's expected to remain there for sometime. >>> new tonight at 11:00, the daughter that strawn thurman kept secret more than 70 years has died. her name is essie may washington williams and she didn't tell anybody who her dad was until he died ten years ago. she said she did not want to damage his political career. when thurman was in his 20's he growth his family's black made pregnant. >>> still ahead the ravens return and the party continues. we've got details on tomorrow's big parade for the super bowl champs. >>> and from the end zone to some end tables, how one particular play by the ravens in the superbowl means thousands of dollars worth of free furniture for some lucky folks. >> those ravens are back in baltimore tonight. they are soup ore bowl champs. this is a scene late this afternoon as t
Feb 4, 2013 2:30am EST
after two big operations. malala was shot by the taliban because she wanted an education. surgeons in birmingham reconstructed her skull and restored her hearing in what may be her final two operations. good to see that she's doing better. >> remarkable young lady. that's for sure. >>> and the latest now on the fatal shooting of former navy s.e.a.l. and "american sniper" author chris kyle and his friend at a texas gun range. the suspect also an iraqi war vet apparently suffered from mental health issues and is now on suicide watch. with more on this here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: former navy s.e.a.l. sniper chris kyle was such a good shot he once hit a target more than a mile away. but police say it was a bullet fired at point blank range that ended the life of the husband and father of two. >> i'm a better husband and father than i was a killer. >> reporter: the 38-year-old died at a place he should have felt comfortable. this gun range southwest of dallas. and detectives say he died at the hands of a young man he was trying to counsel. >> the suspect's mother, she may have
Feb 1, 2013 7:00am EST
love that people got the education thing first and then did the actor thing. it's my fear my kids will say, i want to be an actor. >> get the education first. >> he did it. >> i think most of us will be looking at just cloud cover. washingtonpoints east still getting snow shower activity. and running along 95 towards baltimore. columbia, laurel, out towards annapolis, parts of calvert county there, down into charles county still getting pretty good snow. prince george's county, don't forget about you. here's what's been happening, between flurries and quick burst of snow has dropped .5- inch, little more in spots. enough to coat the ground and cause a few travel issues. a few of the roadways reportedly covered with snow. take a few extra minutes on the way out this morning. or wait an hour or two for the system to get out of here. there's the big picture. you can see it's not a lot to it. weak clipper system. actually a cold front, and will drive in even colder air later today and tonight. most of our day will feature partial sunshine, lots of wind. the wind will be out of the nor
Feb 4, 2013 11:00am PST
advocated educating girls. listen to how well she is healing. >> today you can see that i am alive. i can speak. i can see you. i can see everyone. and today i can speak and i'm getting better day by day. it is just because of the prayers of people, because all the people, men, women, children, all of them, all of them have prayed for me. >> incredible. her british doctors say malala will not need any more surgeries. >>> cheez-its and a hot wheels car, those are the items that a kidnapper requested for his 5-year-old captive. it is now one week since jimmy l dykes allegedly shot a school bus driver to death and took th this boy hostage. it is still not known one week later what the kidnapper's motive is. the alabama hostage suspect in that bunker is said to be a survivalist. and coming up tonight on "ac 360," looking at the survivalist moment, 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. >>> the family of mohamed ali fighting back against the rumors that he's near death. loved ones tweeted out several photos showing the olympian rooting for the baltimore ravens last night. they discount british tabloid
Feb 5, 2013 1:00am PST
child, to be educated. >> such a great message. over the weekend doctors attached titanium plate to malala's skull and implanted a device to restore some hearing to her left ear. they say she won't need any more surgeries and, incredibly, doesn't have any long-lasting brain injuries. >>> turkish authorities investigating the death of an american tourist in istanbul say they've questioned 21 people so far. police found the body of a 33-year-old sarai sierra on saturday. her family had not heard from her since january 21st. she traveled to turkey alone from new york. >>> now a "360" follow. a team of archaeologists said today that dna testing has confirmed that ancient remains found under a parking lot in england do, in fact, belong to king richard iii. pretty interesting. anderson, back to you. >> susan, thanks very much. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on
FOX News
Feb 4, 2013 3:00am PST
nongovernmental provider of social services. health care education, charity, out there every day caring for the least among us. yet, they're being threatened with massive government fines, crippling government fines, being forced into lawsuits to defend their religious liberty. and this just shouldn't be happening in a country that was founded on principles of religious liberty. >>steve: i agree with you completely. let's take a look at the change according to the department of health and human services. they say nonprofit religious employers will be able to opt out of the obamacare mandate, but insurers will be required to provide the coverage which includes both standard birth control and items like the morning-after pill. in other words, if you're a catholic charity, you per se, the money for those drugs won't come out of your pocket but probably going to come out of your insurance company's pocket. >> there's 80 pages of new regulations. they came up with a kind of repackaged accounting gimmick, new schemes to move paper work around. but the essential, the heart of this is that the
Feb 2, 2013 5:00am PST
right. also, there's a lot of talk about gym class or physical education in schools which we've seen cut in a lot of school districts because of budget issues. there's a belief that these classes can actually lead to weight loss. i find that surprising. >> well, i'm concerned about this myth. i think that we have to keep in mind and underscore the -- that gym class in their current form, they're not like in the old days when you got to play. many of our physical education classes now are filled with learning rules, writing about how you feel about this sport, you know, we need to ingrain habits in kids early. and even though our research doesn't show that the current form of physical education classes is associated with weight loss, it's not sensitive enough to see the changes in body composition. more importantly, erica, it builds confidence in kids to actually have lifelong habits of physical activity. so we have to keep in mind what our end goal here is. >> that's what's important, to instill that goal in kids. just to get moving every day so they carry it through their adult life. >>
Feb 2, 2013 7:00am PST
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Feb 6, 2013 6:00am PST
with campus lay outs. in newtown the board of education is trying to decide how to pay for the cost of increase security for the schools meeting to discuss the options. all the added security is expected to increase the budget by 6.5 percent. new measures could include more gates around the schools, and bullet proof glass. >> disaster officials are struggling to reach four villages in the solomon islands after a 5' tsunami hit the chain. five people were reportedly killed and 70 to 80 homes were damaged. police expect the death toll to rise. officials say a pair of giant waves hit the western side of santa cruz island following a powerful 8.0 earthquake that struck underwater near the solomons, the tsunami warning was canceled for more distant coasts. >> today, the boy scouts of america could vote on whether to lit a long-term policy that excludes gay members and leaders, with the executive board wrapping up three days of meetings at the headquarters in texas, the proposal would allow individual scout troops to decide how to address the issue. a conservative group in texas says orga
Feb 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
to the best of the rest. the news that progressives need to know this evening. the he had slain educators from the sandy hook elementary school receive the posthumous award trying to save school children from a gunman certainly qualifies. the connecticut post reports that president obama will award the medals to the school's principal, psychologist, four teachers. they deserve no less. the progressive change campaign committee wants kentuckians to know where mitch mcconnell stands on gun safety. listing rodney kendrick for a new tv ad. watch this. here is his powerful message. >> it's unthinkable that guns used for war could be used on children. as a gun owner i vote to keep guns out of the wrong hands. i know these guns. i know what they can do. senator mitch mcconnell is funded by the gun industry and he opposed reform. >> jennifer: that is ad is airing in and mitch mcconnell will be re-elected in 2014. team mitch is called too liberal. no mention of senator mcconnell's stance on gun safety. it looks like progressives struck a little nerve. >>> now to a laugh. new jersey's republican governo
FOX News
Feb 5, 2013 3:00am PST
. >> steve: she's an education reformer known for her no nonsense approach during her time as the chancellor of dc schools and she's not done fighting at this point. michelle rhee is now the head of grassroots group called students first. she also has a brand-new book out called "radical." she joins us in the studio. you radical, you. you wrote this book where you put students first. for the average mom out there watching, she's got some kids in school and she's frustrated because she knows the system is broken. >> that's right. there are so many parents out there who are living life every day and they don't know what to do because they're frustrated with their school system and their kids' school experience. so i wanted to write "radical" to help the parents understand why the system is the way it is what it is and what they should do. >> steve: you were telling me in the break just about, for instance, in los angeles, this seems like a no brainer, some sexual predator was a teacher and yet, what happened? >> so they found all this evidence that this guy was a sexual predator. they couldn't
Feb 4, 2013 7:00am EST
the establishment of her new charity, the malala fund for girls' education. the message was recorded before malala's most recent surgery over the weekend, which the doctors have described as a success. >>> the president heads to minneapolis today to meet with local leaders on the issue of gun control. in his annual presuper bowl interview last night he addressed a range of other issues, including the risk of brain injury in children playing football. >> i want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to make the sport safer and that means that the game is probably going to evolve a little bit. >> president obama also addressed the boy scouts' longstanding policy of excluding gays and lesbians, saying that they should have, quote, access and opportunity the same way everyone else does. >>> researchers in england say they have found a skeleton of king richard iii. dna results show the battle scarred bones under a parking lot are, no doubt, those of the king killed in battle some years ago. he was immortalized by william shakespeare as a brutal tyrant who said now is our winter of discontent a
Feb 5, 2013 8:00pm PST
who work in national security or education or clean energy, not to mention the growth of the entire economy, should be put in jeopardy just because folks in washington couldn't come together to eliminate a few special interest tax loopholes or government programs that we agree need some reform. >> they're not little and they're not few and they're not easy. of the five of the top ten tax expenditures, these are loopholes. mortgage interest deduction, the deduction we get for health care, the child tax credit, deduction for state and local taxes, charity. okay. the president doesn't want to name those. republicans don't want to name those. but that's what we're talking about, a tax increase on a whole lot of people. >> well, if you really wound up closing those deductions, we would have a massive impact on a lot of lives and i don't think it's going to happen. i think that what you're going to wind up seeing is there are a lot of tax deductions that don't bring in quite as much money but which really distort economic behavior. good one people point to is the carried interest which al
Feb 4, 2013 6:00am PST
and the equipment was being enhanced every year and you take along the fact that now kids are being educated, so if they do have a concussion that it is better to come off the field. you might lose your job. you might go through that, but this is about the safety of your welfare. this is about the safety of taking care of yourself and to me just knowing the relationship that i have with junior seau. he was a tremendous person. my heart breaks for his family and it was a tough situation for all of us to go through. so we still don't know why and there are other things that we need to still understand about these injuries and so for me i think that we're going the right direction. i just salute president obama as well as the commissioner goodell to take the stances that they are taking. we need to do this especially given how many people love this game and i know my mom -- i had a chance to see her yesterday and we went to church together and spent some time. of course when you are with your mom and dad and you're talking about football, we had to go all of the way back to when i was 10 years old
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 82 (some duplicates have been removed)